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After all the wonderful stories I had heard, finally a few months ago I was able to meet Khun Anna in person and get a taste of the love and happiness Atsumi healing center is all about. The passion in which Anna describes her center, starting with the vision of founding director John Chatteris were powerful and inspiring to say the least. The emotions surrounding his unfortunate and untimely demise were heartbreaking to hear and the strength required to have had to carry on that vision in his place must have been tremendous. But Anna did it, and I am certain that the thousands of you across the world who have met Anna and have personally experienced the love that is Atsumi, are all glad that she did! 

When in 2020 our lives and the world as we knew it, abruptly changed, some difficult decisions needed to be made. With travel restrictions implemented all across the world, tourism in Thailand came to almost a complete standstill and very soon there were not enough clients to keep Atsumi open and running any longer. So Anna unfortunately had no choice but to temporarily close her doors. What was supposed to be only months turned into years and Anna’s faith in one day re-opening wavered several times. Thoughts on stepping away completely had  even crossed her mind. But what is Atsumi without Anna, or more importantly what is Anna without Atsumi? 

In our conversation it became very clear, Khun Anna’s passion to change the lives of others overruled any other doubts. “Even when I travelled across the world to many beautiful places, my heart always led me back to Atsumi.” And “If not for this, what more should I live for?” I am honored that she agreed to work with us in helping her with her new vision for the future.

So we are very pleased to announce that Atsumi WILL be opening its doors very soon! With many new re-decorated touches to amplify the love, warmth, calm & peacefulness you remember! Along with the centers facelift, the Atsumi website also has a fresh look towards the future! We hereby welcome you to check it out, let us know what you think, and of course jump into our new programs! Looking forward to meeting and welcoming you back in Phuket soon! 



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