Atsumi is Phuket’s original detox & healing centre, set within lush, tropical gardens.


“Fasting has been practiced for millennia, but only recently studies have shed light on its role in adaptive cellular responses that reduce oxidative damage & inflammation, optimize energy metabolism & bolster cellular protection… Fasting has the potential to delay aging and help prevent & treat diseases while minimizing the side effects caused by chronic dietary interventions.” 

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    An exciting journey of transformation awaits you, discover the results from our valued guests. 

    We look forward to welcoming you and supporting you on your own  ‘Atsumi Transformation’.

    Atsumi is a truly great place for total transformation. It is small and personal, set in a lush garden, a few kms away from the beach, which you can go to daily by their lovely van, if you wish so. It is not a luxury temple, but you’ll find everything you need and it is impeccably clean. The raw food is delicious. All the staff is incredibly.

    Helene, November 2016

    I recently spent 10 days at Atsumi (in September) on the start of a 3-day journey around SE Asia. I have never done anything like this (retreat, healing center, etc.). I can not say enough about how wonderful the staff was. When I arrived I did not know what to expect, but everyone was so accommodating. It is a smaller facility, which I loved because it allowed lots of interpersonal relationships but still was able to have private time. Stay in one of the villas. It is worth the extra cost. The office manager went above and beyond to accommodate my “extra needs”, including helping me replace a pair of broken glasses in a prompt way. The hardest decision of each day was what kind of massage I wanted. I highly suggest doing a NLT session, and the Hopi ear candle treatment at least once. Here’s what I’ll say about Atsumi. Lots of good things going in and bad things going out. I want to send shout outs to  their excellent service.  I plan on going back and will definitely recommend to my friends. Also Bastian work out classes and breathing classes are incredible. Tough, but you feel great afterwards. Hats off to everyone at Atsumi. Hope to meet you all again

    Mona, October 2016
    Raw Cleanse for 10 days

    I can’t thank Atsumi enough for the amazing journey I experienced. I’ve never done a detox before and was amazed at how great I felt and emotionally lighter by the end of my stay. I’m so grateful to  NLT sessions, it was the key to dealing with many inner demons that were lingering in my head. You definitely have to try a session with her. The entire staff were so hopeful and always friendly. I’ll definitely be returning next year and already looking forward to that holiday. A huge shout out to  your brilliant staff & services.

    Catherine, September 2016
    Raw Cleanse for 10 days

    What an experience. I am new to detox and fasting, now living in Phuket and after regularly hearing such great reviews about Atsumi. I had to go experience this for myself. I wanted the best Phuket had to offer, and after discovering Atsumi is the original detox centre here, I felt I was in the care of professionals, I was nothing short of thoroughly impressed with how powerful their program is. I had limited time so only did a short Raw Cleanse. Arriving at the property I immediately shifted down a gear into a peaceful state of relaxation.. you are literally immersed in nature, the perfect place to unwind and focus on health. The staff are truly passionate about the program and what they do, the results speak for themselves. Within a few days my skin was glowing, energy up, mind clear, reduced body fat & bloating, and a peaceful sense of happiness. I left with not only renewed health and energy but education/resources on how to live a healthier lifestyle and the long-term healing benefits of detox and fasting. Looking forward to next time! Thank you so much Atsumi!

    Justine, August 2016
    Raw Cleanse for 5 days

    This really is a special place. A time to give yourself a break from the world and retreat in an Oasis of calm and peace. I have been here three times and done slightly different programs each time. I have full fasted and this time done their raw program which involves eating the most stunning restaurant quality raw food. Atsumi delivers excellent staff, amazing massages, fantastic Yoga, and a variety of classes and has a group of amazing healers and teachers to help you on your journey…It really transformed my busy mind and tired body in seven short days and left me with the tools and enthusiasm to continue a healthier life. Thank you to all the team for your love and support. 

    Karting, June 2016
    Raw Cleanse for 7 days

    This was my fourth time to detox and they have all been with Atsumi. I did the full fast detox for 8 days. This is not a fun process but the staff are very helpful, knowledgable and supportive, especially Jeri.  Over 5 years I have done 4 detoxes here and each time both the facilities and program have been improved. It is nice to see that Atsumi is always looking to improve. The last day I did the raw food plan and the food is delicious, much better than I could imagine. The end results was not just the weight I lost but my skin looked better and once I was eating my energy came back much better than before the detox.

    Keith, June 2016
    Raw Cleanse for 8 days

    Great team, listening and caring. The place, a tropical garden, is lovely. The rooms are spacious. The raw food is amazing (thanks to Kate, chef).  The evening sessions of meditation, yoga and breathing are very peaceful. And there are lots of extra “zen” activities to try. I did 7 days of fasting in order to entirely clean my body and quit smoking. It worked. I think it is the perfect place to detox for the first time. cheers!

    Guillaume, May 2016
    Full Fast for 7 days

    I just got home from my amazing 7 day detox at Atsumi. I went alone and did 2 day raw, 3 day juice, and 2 day full fast. It was better than I expected, my experience and my results. First, Sophie and the Atsumi team are fabulous and do what they can to make your experience everything you want. That is why I love how you can do a juice, raw food, or full fast and you can change it during your stay. The food is amazing, it is really delicious. The daily massages are top notch. i was worried I would be lonely but love that we had morning meetings together to get our schedules and check in, but you don’t have to go to them. I met lots of great people there from all over the world. You can tailor your detox to what you want. I stayed in a villa and loved the closeness to the facilities and the extra room. They have classes every morning and evening and you can go to the beach during the day. You can be as busy or as chilled as you want while being totally taken care of.  Most people lost between 3-5 kg in a week. I will go back for sure!!  

    K, May 2016
    Raw Cleanse, Juice Cleanse, and Full Fast for 7 days

    Atsumi experience all comes from the staff. They are friendly, welcoming, helpful and always smily. They make this detox experience nice and easy. The morning and evening exercises are something to look forward to as they are led by professionals. The rooms are just what is needed.

    Alice, April 2016
    Raw Cleanse for 7 days

    An amazing place with wonderful staff. I had almost 2 weeks of which 8 days full fast and 4raw fast. It was great and I achieved a lot. The staff is so friendly and so helpful and caring for the guests. The program with the morning and evening activities is such a variety. Great accommodation and so beautiful gardens in the centre. The right place to clean your body and your mind. Thank you so much to everyone in Atsumi who made my stay unbelievable.

    Emvelikova, March 2016
    Full Fast for 8 days and Raw Cleanse for 4 days

    I did’t put 5 stars because I want to see the results weeks after the detox. But I definitely recommend the place for everyone!. I have skin pb and my skin got better in 7 days! Staff is adorable and helpful, the place is beautiful, nature is everywhere, there are activities offered, my room was very spacious. Ideal to relax, and learn some advise on how to leave healthier and avoid many health pb! Worth the trip!!

    Adeline, March 2016
    Raw Cleanse for 7 days

    Whether you just want to detox or you want to fast, Atsumi is the place in Thailand. This time I came with my husband and we both enjoyed it very much. The whole team is supportive, helpful, and competent. I felt taken care of, from the first minute to the last. My husband felt the same and we have both committed to go back next year if we can. A warm thank you to Sophie and the team.

    Pascale, February 2016
    Life Changing Experiences

    It’s been 1 and half  months since I’ve visited Atsumi upon the past New Year. My skin has been amazingly getting better thanks to the experiences in Atsumi and given advices I’ve been following since. I’d been bothered by skin rashes for more than a year till their staff at Atsumi took a quick look and said to me it was yeast-connection symptom, which I’d never heard before.  Ever since, I’ve been trying raw food, cutting sugar  and feeling much better. I’d definitely recommend it and willing to come back again soon!

    Petite, December 2015
    Raw Cleanse for 10 days

    After years of going to another spa for my annual detox, Atsumi was recommended to me as a better alternative but still with value for money. I was not disappointed. The staff are friendly and attentive, the location peaceful and the raw food to die for.

    Full Fast and Raw Cleanse for 14 days

    A perfect retreat to refocus, recharge and revitalize in nature and tranquility for overall integrated wellness to be happy and healthy.

    Raw Cleanse for 7 days

    This is my second visit to Atsumi and I plan to come back every year! It is a fabulous place to switch off, immerse in nature, refresh, recharge and renew. See you next year… with a group from Abu Dhabi!!!!

    Raw Cleanse for 9 days